Return of the Convict


Introducing Return of the Convict, exploring a world of interstellar colonization and groundbreaking brain implants. Follow space cadet Dom Tessier as he grapples with a life-changing decision when confronted with his convict parent clone. A thrilling read for hard sci-fi enthusiasts.

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Welcome to March 9, 2143, a world where humans have triumphed over wars, plagues, and environmental disasters, and are now on the brink of exploring the vast expanse of the universe. The possibility of interstellar colonization has sparked new hope, but amidst all this, one man, space cadet Dom Tessier, stands out.

Thanks to groundbreaking brain implants, Dom enjoys an impeccable memory and is on the cusp of being fully transformed into a member of the global technocracy. He and his girlfriend, Astra Allison, have honed their telepathic abilities to new heights and are ready to embrace the possibilities of the future.

However, Dom is unaware that his upbringing and education were made possible by his parent clone, Lucas Rivera, a former convict who had been exiled to Mars due to his illness. Lucas has now returned, hoping to take advantage of Dom’s brain implants and merge their minds to save his own life.

Dom is taken aback when he meets Lucas, who is unrefined and has a troubled past. To make matters worse, Lucas is a convicted criminal. Dom faces a difficult decision – can he set aside his prejudices and accept the one who has given him everything, or will he allow Lucas to die coldly?

This book is a must-read for fans of hard sci-fi, with its intriguing exploration of advanced technologies and complex ethical dilemmas.

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