Dangerous Vision


In this captivating novel, follow Sergei Prokov’s journey of transformational growth, loss, and love as he navigates life as a psychiatrist in Siberia and starts anew in New York City. A must-read for those seeking a tale of resilience and hope amidst life’s challenges.

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Sergei Prokov, a medical student, once served in a shaman re-education camp where he had a transformative experience, freeing his mind and taking soul flights in bird form. Despite a childhood battle with polio freezing his right leg in immaturity, Sergei compensated with mental strength. Now a psychiatrist in Siberia working in a defense institute, he loses his funding with the collapse of the USSR, uprooting his life. The love of his life, Tai Leung, dies in a tragic accident, but Sergei moves to New York City to start anew. He trains Americans as remote viewers while seeking love once more.

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