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Review: Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Dangerous Vision is a work of paranormal fiction penned by author
William Alan Thomas. In a story set in the recent past, the year
1999 sees the end of an era for antagonist Sergei Prokov. When his
current psychic warfare operation is shut down, Sergei is hired by
an oil company to establish a new unit in America. Meanwhile,
remote viewing trainees Jim Craig and Cathy Alvarez are set upon
their first real mission: an investigation into a biotech company
that’s working with hydrogen fuel. So begins a tense, investigative
mystery and conspiracy story filled with action, intrigue,
paranormal psychic powers and plenty of danger indeed.

Author William Alan Thomas pays a great deal of attention to the
realism and dangerous potential of his hydrogen production
storyline, which adds credence and credibility to the tale, so much
so that it makes the paranormal remote viewing aspect seem
totally natural. Jim and Cathy are everyday people and relatable
heroes drawn into an intriguing new world by virtue of their
abilities. Thomas crafts them well to allow us to see what they see,
but also see past them and draw our own conclusions from the
interesting mystery which is slowly unfolding before them. For me,
however, the star of the show is Sergei; a powerful character
construction with a strong vision, he leaps off the page whenever
there’s even a mention of him. With its strong opposing characters
and well-researched science plot, Dangerous Vision is a gripping
paranormal mystery with much more to offer than first meets the


“In Thomas’ sci-fi novel, a dying renegade returns to Earth from a Mars penal colony to connect with his secret ward–a young man undergoing cyberenhancements to take his place in tomorrow’s elite…Thomas’ prose is reminiscent of that used by Philip K. Dick in his Cold War-influenced tales of apocalyptic intrigue and features spare yet compelling descriptions of fearsome weapons, robots, seductions, abrupt violence, deaths, and betrayals. There’s also a complex moral argument, a courtroom drama, and ethical conundrums that will likely haunt readers well after they finish the closing chapter….An exciting, thought-provoking, futuristic narrative that transcends its Dickensian-mashup origins.”

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

–Named to Kirkus Reviews‘ Best Books of 2016


A response just came from the Writers Digest Self Publishing Competition; I’d entered Return of the Convict in both the mainstream/literary fiction and the genre fiction categories last spring. No prize came my way, however this response from the mainstream/literary fiction judge is highly encouraging. (The genre fiction judge marked it down, which is not a problem; I’d have to be crazy to expect that everyone will love this book!)

“Return of the Convict is a powerful, action-packed tale of the future that details the grim consequences when the love of self-autonomy and freedom are thwarted…The characterization was excellent. I fell in love with Dom, but I could so understand Lucas’s desire to live beyond his natural life, imbuing another with his superb knowledge and skills. I liked how the plot circled back to life on Mars. Many universal themes are prevalent in the story.” –Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

“The novel is in turn thrilling and thought-provoking, and has the makings of a powerful sci-fi franchise.”
–Foreword Reviews (Clarion Review, 5 stars)

This is a captivating, relentlessly paced novel with well-developed characters, a fascinating backstory, richly described world-building, and a multitude of visionary imagery…this novel should more than satisfy anyone who enjoys cerebral sci-fi.”
–Blueink Review (starred review)

Return of the Convict