smallest headPilgrim’s progress in a sense?

My father was a B.C. educator who became a professor at the U. of Chicago. As a result I went to college there in the 1960’s. I was interested in all subjects, and especially enjoyed the general studies program. Chicago itself is an awesome city, and living there was an important part of my education. However after completing a BA in English, I was happy to return to Canada and get a job.

Written in my late twenties, my first novel, Daddy’s Darling Daughter sold well as a mass market paperback. The story was no autobiography, but like the characters I’d had problems.

Here began an intense experimentation with writing. I wrote tons of stuff, but kept running into a wall over and over.

One of my brothers was in the fish business in B.C. and he took me in. I fell in love with this different way of life, and it proved my salvation. Later I became a longshoreman, and when the time was right, went back to school for a year.

Freedom’s been everything to me, and part of that meant being able to fail, and come back and try again. Now is the sweet spot for my writing side; what I hoped for as a young man, to break new ground and have my works come alive, is today’s reality. And it’s fulfilling.

Perhaps the subconscious helped guide my life course. Today it’s clearly on side with writing; new ideas constantly well up, and problems can always be resolved. I’m grateful to experience this present time.